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Group Personal Accident insurance (GPA) is a corporate or institutional policy which provides compensation in the event of injuries, disability or death caused solely by violent, accidental, external and visible events.

  • Permanent total disability due to an accident – in the event of permanent disability caused by an accident, the insurance pays for a pre-determined percentage of the insured amount or a pre-determined multiple of salary.
  • Accidental Death – In the event that life is lost due to an accident, the insurance will pay the total insured amount or a pre-determined multiple of salary
  • Medical Expenses arising out of accidents - Pays for medical expenses that arise from treating you after an accident including dental and optical expenses
  • Permanent partial disability due to an accident
  • Weekly payment – Pays a weekly income for the period you are out of work as a result of injury from an accident.

A group personal accident insurance policy has the following characteristics:

  • Issued to a group of people with similar risk profile
  • Group can be formed by an employer (of employees), organisation, travel company, banks, and other service providers (for customers), etc.
  • The insurance covers the expenses and compensates the insured group members for any injury sustained in the course of their lives (except injuries obtained due to excluded causes)
  • Corporates
  • Institutions
  • SMEs

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