01 February 2024

Britam Unveils ‘Ramba na Britam’- Revolutionary Medical Insurance for Organized Groups in Rwanda

Kigali, January 29, 2024 - In a significant move to enhance healthcare accessibility, Britam Insurance Company (Rwanda) Ltd has introduced 'Ramba na Britam,' a specialised medical insurance product catered to the needs of organised groups. This affordable and comprehensive insurance package is designed to serve a wide range of entities including SMEs, Microfinance institutions, SACCOs, cooperatives, self-help groups, government and educational institutions, and religious organisations.

The 'Ramba na Britam' policy stands out in its provision of extensive coverage. It encompasses inpatient and outpatient services, addressing a broad spectrum of medical needs from illness and injury treatment to maternity and chronic conditions. Significantly, it also includes funeral expenses, acknowledging the financial impact of bereavement on families and communities.

Molly Rwigamba, Board Chair of Britam, underlined the holistic approach of the new product. “Healthcare is more than just treatment; it's about providing security and promoting well-being. With 'Ramba na Britam,' we're not just offering a service, but revolutionising the healthcare insurance landscape in Rwanda. Our aim is to contribute meaningfully to the nation's life expectancy and health standards,” she explained.

Andrew Kulayige, CEO of Britam, emphasised the company’s dedication to addressing customer needs. “Britam is committed to innovation and customer-centricity. ‘Ramba na Britam’ is a reflection of our deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by various organised groups in Rwanda. Our goal is to provide comprehensive, flexible, and affordable healthcare solutions, giving our customers peace of mind amidst life’s uncertainties,” he stated.

The policy's key benefits include:

  • Inpatient Cover: Comprehensive hospitalisation coverage for illnesses, injuries, and pregnancy-related needs, including maternity, congenital conditions, ambulance services, radiology, dental, optical, and COVID-19 treatment.
  • Outpatient Cover: Extensive outpatient services such as consultations, investigations, dental and optical care, and management of chronic conditions.
  • Last Expense Cover: Financial assistance for funeral expenses, alleviating the burden during difficult times.
  • Britam remains dedicated to providing superior customer service, ensuring a smooth and transparent insurance experience. For more information or to enrol in 'Ramba na Britam', visit www.rw.britam.com or contact +250788198000. This initiative marks a significant step towards a healthier, more secure future for communities in Rwanda.